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Code::Blocks May Month Update
« on: June 04, 2007, 03:03:12 pm »
Here is another update of the changes made to C::B last month. Most of our time last month were dedicated for bug-fixing. So the following list is full of bug-fixes.

Notable fixes/improvements:
* A lot of Compiler warnings were fixed which pop-ed up after switching nightlies to wxWidgets-2.8.x
* Notebooks were restored in Compiler and Project Options dialogs.
* Editor settings dialog will not fill the entire screen.
* Static lib target name generation has been updated.
* Open project link in Start page will now behave correctly.
* Added support for Turbo C++ Explorer's compiler, WinAVR compiler.
* AStyle plugin has been updated with AStyle 1.20.2.
* A lot of fixes were applied in CodeSnippets plugin.
* wxGrid has been added to wxSmith plugin and a number of bugs were fixed in wxSmith.

Detailed change log is as follows.
* Fixed: Couple of deprecated function warnings with wx-2.8.
* Fixed: Some const issues
* Fixed: "new file not added to project" bug
* Fixed: [Bug #10987] Layout file error message
* Fixed: [Bug #11016] Colour theme rename resets to defaults
* Fixed: wxWidgets Wizard error in Linux
* Updated: tinyxml (core lib) from 2.5.2 to 2.5.3 (bug fixes)
* Fixed: Issue that wizards would overwrite an existing file without warning(!!!)
* Updated: D keywords
* Fixed: Deprecated function warning in cbEditor.
* Applied: [Patch #2003] Debug menu/toolbar icon agreement
* Fixed: [Bug #11134] last chosen file type not remembered on 'new file'
* Fixed: [Bug #11121] bugs with openwatcom 1.6 linker
* Reverted to notebook (instead of choicebook) for compiler and project options dialogs (due to popular demand).
* Fixed crash when removing custom tools (bug #11141).
* Make project active by double-clicking in project manager tree (patch #2017).
* Default filename in "File->Save As" does not lose the extension anymore (patch #2006 for bug #11036).
* Don't ask for confirmation when removing a tool separator in tools configuration dialog (patch #1990).
* Fixed: [Bug #10790] red dot disappearing
* Added CR to clipboard when exporting compiler messages on Win32
* Removed signed/unsigned warnings from various dialogs
* Fixed: Compilation warning on use of uninitialized variable
* Fix for huge editor settings dialog under wx2.8.4.
* Fixed: Project file option dialog not placed at centre.
* Fixed: [Bug #11174] Font Interim Settings Lost
* Implemented Feature Request #3327: Double click target executes it.
* Fixed: [Bug #11195] Editor Settings can't be changed or it crash.
* Applied: [Patch #2021] Fix glitch with Find in Files search results failing to open (In modified form)
* Now debugging options would not be active if project has a compiling target.
* fix static lib target name construction :
    - @ CompilerCommandGenerator::SetupOutputFilenames : take into account the yes/no of auto pre/post (it was always considered to be auto which is incorrect)
    - @ CompileTargetBase::GenerateTargetFilename  : don't just replace extension in case of auto post by '.a', use the extension from the compiler option, and when there's no compiler then fallback to the hardcoded '.a'
* CompileTargetBase::GetTargetFilenameGenerationPolicy : pointer args replaced by references (no need to check the pointer for 0 then)
* In case of open project on the 'start here page', set the filter directly to cbp files, and do NOT update the 'type of files' [== do NOT update the Filters in this case : (source) file <-----> project (file)  ]
* added support for PHP in HTML lexer (thanks dmoore)
* Fixed: [Bug #11214] No cursor on Fine-in-files when no file open

Core Plugins:

* Improved: Generation of OpenWatcom Linker (wlink.exe) parameters.
* Replaced build target's wxComboBox with a wxChoice (it fixes the "disappearing combo box" bug on Linux).
* Added: Detection code to detect Turbo C++ Explorer's compiler.
* WinAVR compiler support added

Contrib Plugins:

* Fixed EOL bug
* Fixed GNU style preview
* Updated to AStyle 1.20.2

* Fixed a number of compilation issues.
* update.bat remove old unused commands
* Set launch LD_LIBRARY_PATH relative to AppPath
* Removed OnIdle() dynamic merging. Set Merge just before user definitions.
* Fixed disappearing "duplicate" menu items. If mis-matched id, just leave 'em alone.
* Fix duplicate menu entry
* Fixes for use of non-precompiled headers + Tim S fixes
* Add Recently Used Indexes
* Fix error in category to category drag
* Fixed: Not saving xml changes before "recently used" load
* Show filename base as root item label
* Verify:If external snippets, plgn *shouldnt* save conf OR xml on exit
* Ok: saves done by OnClose SnippetsWindow & Tree routines
* Fix "Apply" menu item, misspelled __WX...__ preprocessor

* Updated: allow 1..n envvars sets (similar GCV sets)

* Tim S fix to keybinder.cbp

* Fixed wxSmith extensions in RegExTestbed plugin

Scripted Wizard
* Class wizard now keeps the same class-name capitalization for the generated filenames.
* Fixed: Wizard not overwriting existing files when told to do so.
* Updated Win32GUI wizard to generate proper project for Borland compiler.
* Fixed: [Bug #11193] The .cbp is incorrectly named at project creation (Linux)
* Fixed: Project directory not added in project wizard (Bug introduced in rev 4002)
* Wrapped Linux hack for scripted wizard introduced in Rev 4004.
* Fixed: Wizard.GetProjectTitle() should now work properly according to new changes made in ProjectPathPanel.

* Added wxGrid
* Removed any code related to user-defined items (it was unfinished and buggy, wxSmith extension like contrib items plugin is better solution than this)
* Fixed: bug in editor scrolling (couldn't easily scroll editor area)
* Fixed: bug causing empty sizers to have 0x0 size (appeared in wx 2.8 )
* Removed most "standard" events for most of widgets, they're not supported in wxGTK, not granted to work on any specific platform and it's just risky for now (I thought it's wx bug, but ppl say it's how it should work on wx forum :/ )
* When regenerating source code, EOL line mode is now fetched from sources, not from C::B settings, that prevents "Inconistent EOL" svn message during commit in some circumstances
* Applied patch #2024: wxSmith: MenuEditor loosing variable and member state made by raph
* Added detection of modal dialogs which prevents few artifacts on editor
* Fixed bug #10678: Changes of variabe names not directly shown in resource tree
* Fixed bugs in wxCustomButton so it is now enabled in list of contrib items
* Changed int to size_t in wxsCoder to prevent compiler warnings (suggested by MortenMacFly)
* Image files now have 32 or 16 suffix depending on resolution (previously 32 suffix was skipped)
* wxSmithContribItems: Finally found the bug causing undefined symbols: typo inside #pragma interface. That proves that #pragma interface / #pragma implementation may only cause problems (GCC can work without them for a long time now) and should not be used if not necessary
* Fixed bug in long string properties (multiline editor was not shown)


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