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Bug: Can't create %USERPROFILE%/CodeBlocks


First of all, there's no bugs forum. So I'm going to be reporting them here, until you create one and move my posts there, Ok? :)

When I start CodeBlocks, I get this error:
Directory '%USERPROFILE%/.CodeBlocks' couldn't be created (error 3: The system can't find the specified path)

The part after "error 3" is reverse-translated from arabic (my windows version is localized), so might not be very accurate. The problems I see:
- There's a "." in the path, in a seemingly inappropriate position.

Anyway, this problem might be related to my arabic paths? (%USERPROFILE% is a path containing arabic letters)

Can I see a screenshot of the error, somewhere?


--- Quote from: mandrav ---Can I see a screenshot of the error, somewhere?
--- End quote ---

Here you go:


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