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Not a bug, but still a little annoying


Whenever i have changed the resource file in an external resource editor, i usualy use the "Rebuild Project" and everytime i get the question if im sure i want to do this.

And when i delete a variable from the watchlist i also get the question if im sure.

I dont know how others think about this, but for me this is a little to much "safety". Isnt it possible to at least disable these questions in the preferences somewhere? The problem with asking the same question to often is that users tend to just click yes on everything.  I think if c::b askes if it should blow up my computer there is a 99% chance i press yes  :lol:. So to much questions is IMO counter productive.

Please submit a feature request to remove the query when deleting a variable from the watchlist.

I wouldn't remove the question when rebuilding the project. See, there are 300 files projects out there. I wouldn't like to rebuild by accident.

BTW, why do you rebuild and not just recompile? Recompiling a project takes care of the dependencies. No problem with that.

The reason why i rebuild everything is that i dont know if c::b knows if a files have been changed when it isnt opened in the editor. I know i had some problems with this before when using devcpp and i sticked to my habbit of rebuilding everything when changing the resource file.  

And my remark about not giving to much warnings is just a general remark. I just hope this is taken in consideration in further development.  I gave 2 examples as an illustration of what i mean. If it really bothers me i use my simple auto click program which can be configured to click specifick buttons on specific dialogboxes/windows.

OK. Codeblocks uses advanced dependency checking for compiling. It checks the dates on the files when compiling. Also, if you don't trust the program's build method (which in my opinion is awesome), you can use the makefiles building method.

Anyway - please submita feature request on the above warnings. I know it sounds pedantic, but that's how we organise ourselves. (Imagine if you had to dig in 1000 posts in the forums to check for that bug that you were supposed to fix by tomorrow :shock: ).

Oh - don't be frightened by past experiences with buggy IDE's written in Delphi :lol:. Codeblocks was written FROM SCRATCH precisely to avoid such errors (you know that Yiannis was co-developer of Dev-C++, didn't you? Well, his coding has improved so much since then!) . Anyway, Yiannis has been working on Codeblocks since almost 2 years ago, and he has fixed all the compiler-related bugs that have appeared since then. ;-)


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