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Help wanted: wxSmith contrib items



According to,5670.msg43620.html#msg43620 I've created this wiki page.
It's list of extra items currently based on wxCode. I've selected all items which I think are ready to be added into wxSmith. Adding those items should be no problem after reading tutorials showing how to create such extensions.

Now you can help making wxSmith (and indirectly Code::Blocks) better by implementing support for some of items listed there. Or you can even add your own entries when you thing they could be added into wxSmith. Basically any kind of control could be added here, there could be some problems with containers (which can have children) and tools (which are not really visible items but just do some task like timers) because I haven't yet written tutorials which would deal with them. They are on the way :)

If you decide to work on some item, please select that you are working on it in the wiki to avoid situation that two (or more) developers are working on same part.

Thanks for all your contribution :)

Best regards

Byo --

I've made some new contrib items that you might be interested in:
wxFoldPanelBar & wxFoldPanel

I made these things for my own use, but then realized someone else might be interested in them.  They have been compiled and tested under Windows only (I don't have easy access to a Linux machine).

I think they work pretty good (at least for my purposes), but they should be independantly tested in both Windows and Linux (and whatever else).

These widgets are built as C::B project files; if you (or anyone else) is interested in them, let me know and I'll zip it all together and send it to you.


hi rcoll

I'd be very interested into your wxGLCanvas item for wxSmith. (I'm under linux debian but I think it should compile)
It would be very great.

When compiled, how do I install them ?

thanks in advance

Best regards



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