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A Compiler plugin's bug?

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Open the IDE and open Compiler plugin's option dialog and try to switch between 3 compilers repeatly (at the compilers list box), the compiler options get mixed up (let say MSVC's options are MinGW+MSVC's options).

I hope you understand my English.

Hmm, it happened to me once during development but I 've never been able to reproduce it. Do you have some user compilers configured (copies of built-in compiler)?
You should post a bug-report about it, so it can be tracked.

Anyway, the only fix for that, short to entering the correct configuration yourself, is to delete the registry key that holds the compiler configuration. This is HKCU\Software\Code::Blocks\Code::Blocks v1.0\compiler_gcc\compiler_sets (backup your registry first).
This will re-create the compiler's configuration.


It's easy to be able to reproduce the bug, here is how.
Just switching the compilers in reverse order, for example:


You will see.

The way I saw it was that if I had different output files (say, "library.lib" and "library.a") and/or different additional options (say, "/nologo" and "-O") in the build targets (I also use MSVC and MinGW), then I could not build, because the "/nologo" switch was passed to MinGW, which complained; at another run MinGW was trying to build "library.lib" instead of "library.a".
This seems to be a real problem to me, as I need MSVC library in the end, but there is no debugger for MSVC (or did I miss one?).


I think you 're making a mistake here: you can define one compiler per project, not per target. But it's not your fault. I can see that you can easily mix them up. I can also see how much better it would be if the compiler could be selected per target, so I 'm going to add it now.

As for the debugger, correct me if I 'm wrong, MSVC free toolkit 2003 does not contain a debugger...



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