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Re: PHP development?
« Reply #15 on: April 20, 2011, 11:22:55 pm »
I've just started looking to C::B for php editing. I have a whole slew of web programming IDEs but none of them are remotely any good imho.
Of course there's the "wonder" of dreamweaver.....sigh.... I've used Aptana, netbeans, eclipse, phpedit and some others. With all of them, I just end up using sciite..uploading..refresh.

To be completely honest I can't put this behavior down to it's reason yet. The other IDEs just piss me off and I wont even get serious enough to set up on localhost. At least starting out with just pure SciTE, I'll go with some xAMP environment setup. A week ago I got really stuck in a project so I just decided to add *.php to the sources list and *.css to headers and imported everything into a blank project.

Worked great. Obviously I'm not using a php editor, but syntax highlighting was good and more than a few times I can look up definitions of classes or functions without a hitch. Someone mentioned the setting up php using tools. Could anyone give me a hand with a basic run down of what that involves?

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Re: PHP development?
« Reply #16 on: September 13, 2013, 07:33:36 pm »
Actually it shouldn't be that hard to add PHP to it^^ Not really different from C/C++ in terms I need it..

This is how it could work:
  • Syntax Highlighting as existing...
  • Code completion needs to be adopted (and might be the hardest part)
  • Compile would be executing the cli of PHP with just syntax check and or simple run, and thus would give us the same error information and actually better then for C/C++.
  • Running: could be done using simple wrapper files that can be executed by Code::Blocks which in turn starts a webserver like Nginx and launches the Browser
    (or instead of a real Browser just a custom one using Chromium Embedded Framework)
  • Debugging: could be done by simply running it but intercepting errors/warnings as they spawn.. won't allow us full access though, but's better then nothing ;)

that's for the basics... and it's already more then I've got by now :P I'm simply using Notepad2-mod and WinSCP to live edit my files... thus I'll use my remote/target server for testing^^
This should be added into Code::Blocks as well then... instead of using a local webserver to run scripts, upload them to a remote server on change... (but that's some work...) Syntax check will still be local though... this also prevents one from uploading syntactically bad scripts :P

That's all actually "easy" in my eyes.. except for the code-completion, debugging and uploading stuff... Anyway.. basically there shouldn't be a real need to adapt Code::Blocks to support PHP but writing a (compiler) plugin

P.S. I won't say no to implementing it myself.. but I've got a lot of other stuff already to do :P Besides I'm not that actively developing web stuff right now...
So I might do something like that one day... as I want to remake Uniwin someday as well... and that would give me the remote uploading stuff for use with PHP ;) But it might never happen xD Would be nice and I would use it as it saves time for me... but developing it costs time as well actually... and developing something that everyone and not only you can use is different anyway :P
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