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Beta 4 Editor Problem

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I've got a similar problem in Windows XP.  When ever I open a project or just a .cpp or .h file it says that the file can't be found.  It does open it though, and I'm able to edit it. But it's still a little annoying having to click that error message away everytime.

Other than that. Thanks for a great IDE! My favourite so far!

Can you post the exact message you 're getting?

Ok, it's in danish though:
"Windows kan ikke finde 'C:\Projects\Apps\FartED\src\app.cpp'. Kontroller, at du skrev navnet korrekt, og forsøg derefter igen. Hvis du vil søge efter en fil, skal du klikke på knappen Start og derefter klikke på Søg."

Which basically just says that Windows couldn't find the specified file.

OK, this is a different problem than the one mentioned above in this thread. I assume you 're not opening the file from inside codeblocks but from explorer (or something like it). This has to do with DDE. I 'll check it out.


Yes,  it's when opening from explorer. Once Code::Blocks is running there's no problem opening files, within or from outside Code::Blocks.

Looking forward to the next release!


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