Author Topic: wxSmith does not build for MacOSX at rev 3614  (Read 8741 times)

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Re: wxSmith does not build for MacOSX at rev 3614
« Reply #15 on: February 21, 2007, 09:58:38 am »
Have you changed properties in property window or in QuickProperties panel (the one that can be shown using Q buttin on the right).
This is probably not working, it only opens a thin area to the right, maybe 10 pixels wide, no content. Soe there is nothing I can test here. I am using the property window to the left.
Is there any other way to make things visible? What will happen when you resize editor's area?
If I hold the left button down with the pointer in the content window, I see the layout, and the selected object handles are moving with it.
These are the only ways I have found so far.
Nothing happens when I resize the editor's area (or maybe you should explain more exactly what you mean by this. By splitters? Or by resizing the complete CB window?).
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