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Recursive loading of source files ?


Is it possible to load source files in a project by selecting a folder and the .cpp and .h are recusively loaded ?

Loading each file in a large project is ... time consuming :(


You mean adding them to a new project? Yes, that's just been implemented this week in CVS. (You'd have to compile by yourself, tho)

Don't think that works.

However, if you have a folder f and the files a.c, b.c, and c.h in that folder, you can navigate into folder f, and select a.c, b.c, and c.h together in the same file select dialog (shift key or rubberband).

code::blocks will then add all of them to the project in one go and will sort them into "sources", "headers", and "others".

Isn't there an "Add Files Recursively..." option in the menu? I'm seeing it now. Just below "Add Files". (remember to compile, and then run the "update" script in the "src" subdirectory)

Not in my version...
Anyway, if the cvs version has it, we'll live :)


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