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Memmory leaks

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I think there are a couple of leaks in c::b.  Currently it is using 500MB memory and has about 30 running threads. Also it has about 100 handles to threads.  I dont think c::b should use that much resources  :shock:.  But since it is still running smooth, i dont really mind 8) .

How long have you been running it to use 500MB?
Also, I 've noticed that if I minimize C::B and then restore it the memory consumption reaches bottom again. Can you confirm this?


You are right, i minimized it and now its 5.9 mb. I dont know how long it is runing because i hybernate windows, and i use multiple desktops so i normally dont close any programs.  I think a couple of days, but i dont really know.

Also i have to correct myself....  proces explorer (from sysinternals) showed c::b used 500 MB "private bytes" but the windows task manager showed "only" 150 MB.  If i now read the settings correct,  c::b used a maximum of 200MB while running.  

How come the memory usage drops this much when i minimize?

Sorry i post twice, but my login doesnt seem to work anymore :(. I dont know exactly what c::b does when it minimizes, but i can hardly imagine it then decided to deallocate all memory leaks, so maybe its a problem with windows?

Im using winxp SP1 and have 1.5 GB mem, so maybe windows thinks it can spare some of it for C::B.   But 200 MB for caching still seems an awfull lot of memory.

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