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Win CVS: "phantom lines when closing file" bug

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I wanted to ask if any of you had experienced lines from the wrong file appearing over the currently active editor (and messing the display). This usually happens when you close a file and there are many tabs (files) currently open.

See, I just commited to CVS a modifications to EditorManager, and the bug seems to be gone for me. How about you guys?

Seems to be gone for me. Well done :)

Yep, it seems you fixed it Rick :)
Close the bug report when you have the time.


Closed. :)

Bad news :( It's there again :shock:

I fixed the part about closing a single file, but i forgot to make the change when a whole project gets closed. Anyway in case i die yadda yadda, the thing is that upon selection change in the open files tree, i call the currently active editor's focus() function. I suppose that something in between didn't get refreshed with the active editor changed.

I also call the open() function, in multiple windows, open just gives focus to the corresponding window. Mandrav, any insight on what could have changed between the interfaces?


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