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help plugin enhancements
« on: November 06, 2012, 09:16:38 pm »

I have send two patches to the patch tracker. Both are windows only, since there are using the windows help viewers:

1. Enable the use of the older windows help collections (.col files) as help files. There where used before MSVC 2010. simply use the collection filename in the help plugin configuration, it works like every other .chm help file.
2. Enable the use of the new Help Viewer over the ms-xhelp:// protocol. These are used sine MSVC/MSDN 2010. To use it put something like ms-xhelp:///?method=f1&query=$(keyword)&product=vs&productversion=100&locale=DE-de&category=DevLang%3aC%2B%2B in the helpfile field.

I hope that's OK and useable.