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I have been using devcpp far to long. I spend more time with devcpp then with my actual program. I was so close to buying some commercial app, but now i dont have to cause there is code::blocks.  I just have to donate to this project. Its soooo good.

Oh no you are using paypal :(.
I dont have a creditcard  :cry:

Just give Yiannis your mail so he can give you his snail mail address :) Then you can send him a money order.

... by air mail...

to Greece.


On the other hand, you should get a Credit Card :P But thanks for the compliment! :)

Isnt there a dev who lives in the netherlands who has a paypal acc?

David Perfors:
Sorry, I don't have paypal..

Not that it really matters,  but i think i would have given something like 25e(euro) for starters, and more if i feel like it :p


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