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Custom source directories(returns)
« on: December 24, 2006, 03:28:26 am »
Large project. Multiple source folders... But, all intermediate files( *.obj, automatically generated source files, etc) should be in one, and only, directory.

We have:
Code::Blocks uses relative(to project root) path to source files. So, for example, if we have following directory structure:
                                     . . .
and in Project/target options specify 'SomeFolder\Intermed' as object output dir   -   at compile time Code::Blocks will create 'Src1', 'Src2', 'SomeWhereElseDir\Src', . . .  subdirs in 'SomeFolder\Intermed', and place all *.obj in corresponding folders(for sources from 'Src1', *.obj placed in 'SomeFolder\Intermed\Src1', 'Src2' --> 'SomeFolder\Intermed\Src2', etc), but I need it all in 'SomeFolder\Intermed'.

Whether there is a way to tell codeblocks to strip path from source files when forming  output file name, without writing scripts, etc? Currently I wrote makefile by hand to solve this lack.
By the way, while I used another IDE (MSVS, DEV-CPP,...), did not face such problem.
I'm currently using Code::Blocks 3407 build 20 Dec 2006.

Thanks in advance.