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Code::Blocks closes after compiling project


Perhaps I am the only one with this problem as I can't seem to find any reference to it. I have wxWidgets 2.4.2, compiled on Fedora Core 3 using --with-gtk --enable-gtk2 and no unicode support enabled. I am using Code::Blocks 1.0 final beta. Everything in the default directories.

Everything built and Code::Blocks runs fine, but when I compile a project (wxWidgets or console) then try to compile again, Code::Blocks closes. No error, just closes. From that point on anytime I try to compile the project, Code:Blocks closes. If I "clean" or "rebuild" it will once again compile until the next error.

Any ideas?


Read this thread.
It has been fixed in CVS.


Thank you. I just got the CVS and compiled. Now at least it gives me an error. When I re-compile I get a dialog that says:

Something has gone wrong inside Code::Blocks and it will terminate immediately.
We are sorry for the inconvenience...

then at the command prompt:

output/ line 5: 14654 Aborted                 $APP_DIR/codeblocks.exe $@


I just applied the patch ([ 1224472 ] regcomp errors) to the 1.0 Final Beta code and it solves the problem! I am now up and running.

Thank you. :D



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