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Global compiler settings & cancel button
« on: December 19, 2006, 06:52:42 pm »
Its not a bug but strange behavior if person like me make deliberately wrong operations.

My borland c++ 5.5 compiler  is in  c:\bc5.5 folder and not in c:\borland\bcc55 folder as suggested by Borland

I did following operations

start CB ide and go to

Compiler & debugger

It asked me something like
"do you want to use compiler default settings"
I pressed Yes
it changed from c:\bc5.5 to  c:\borland\bcc55

Now, I pressed cancel button for entire Global compiler setting changes expecting that bcc compiler folder name as well as other changes  will be reverted to its original state.
It did exactly expected But it maintained c:\borland\bcc55

I am not blaming CB because I have selected Yes button for selecting folder name

But in such cases can can cancel button be disabled so that person like me can not raise doubts of effectiveness of cancel button.

Can cancel button becomes real cancel for all changes made in global compiler settings ?