Author Topic: wxWidgets 2.8.0 Released  (Read 4102 times)

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wxWidgets 2.8.0 Released
« on: December 15, 2006, 03:14:10 am »
wxWidgets 2.8.0 has been released.  The most important features for us is wxAuiNotebook! It lets you have a flat notebook style tabs, that "tear" away and become panes.  This means we could have more flexible user interface.  This hopefully means you can have as many editors as you want (I hope CB really doesn't just listen for table change events and "fake" multiple editors) and will be able better adjust the layout of CB.

It might be prudent to wait a little while for more release but I have heard a rumor that 2.8.0 will be included in the next version of Mac OS X and with wxAUI in the core (and its notebook) to be a little more mac compatible.

EDIT: I might be wrong about how flexible the tear tabs are, but I swear they work in wxPython 2.8.0.
EDIT2: Ok you can tear tabs and move them around the interface but they can't:
1) ripped out of the notebook and into their own floating window,
2) ripped out of the notebook and docked as its own floating panel.
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