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how to build using custom makefile?

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I have project which should be build using custom makefile. I'm building it in mingw console using "make" command, and I'm using codeblocks only for editing.

It would be nice, if I could use codeblocks to whole developing process, but I don't want to resign from my automake/autoconf based makefile.

when I was using devcpp, there was such possibility. in codeblocks I can't find such.

is it possible in current state of code::blocks?

If no, is it possible to do it by writing plugin?



It is supported now. It was a minor change, so I implemented it.
The next version (due out one of these days), will support it.


I am a new user of Code Blocks - it seems great to me and I'll try hard to use it with wxWidgets Congratulations for the creators My problem for the forum is: I didn't manage to  use custom builds that is, my own different  makefiles for different builds . What is the procedure -step by step - to use my own makefiles for dif builds !!! say "build borland debug dll" (with custom makefile),"build gcc release dll" (with another custom makefile)[/list:u]Where can I find extended help for Code blocks ( I would like Code Blocks help and wxWidgets help included in Code::Blocks also but it is not a must unless it might be included on right click  on a words(wxWidgets Help.chm I mean!!!) which would be a great help )[/list:u]
Where can I find an explanation on how the general / project settings for a compiler are used ? [/list:u]
Thank you ![/list:u]

You can have one custom makefile per-project, which you can set in project properties.
Your makefile's targets should match the targets of your project if you want to be able to do anything else than a "make all" (btw, you will want to avoid spaces in target names).

When you try it, come here for help with any problems that may have risen :)



Including help in codeblocks is really easy to do. Check my little plugin in General forum ( and wxHelpController documentation for chm files.


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