Author Topic: GDB 6.5 for MingW?  (Read 2534 times)

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GDB 6.5 for MingW?
« on: November 27, 2006, 10:58:42 am »
I am using the version of GDB that comes from the MingW website and was wondering if somebody or someone can port the new GDB 6.5+ to MingW? Ceneza ported GCC 4.1.1 to MingW (Thanks by the way... very handy :) ) I tried to do it... but it is possible for cygwin... not for mingw...

Damn! Although there is nothing wrong with my gdb installation ... it would be nice to get my hands on a type of script (or maybe even help with the script) that will allow the new source to compile for mingw...

Does anybody have any idea?