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GDB & RC path problems



I am trying to invoke RC.EXE (from the Platform SDK) and GDB, using the VCTK compiler.

So in Compiler settings, under VCTK -> Programs I have put gdb.exe as the debugger and rc.exe as the resource compiler.
Additionnaly I have put both MingW\bin & PlatformSDK\bin paths in the "Extra paths" list.

Of course... that doesn't work :?

I also added those 2 paths into my main PATH variable (Windows XP) but it doesn't help.

When I run RC.EXE (without prepending any path) on the command line from my project folder, everything works fine.

Oops I clicked too quickly on Submit  :)

Here is my C::B output :

--- Code: ---Project   : Win32 Application
Compiler  : Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 (called directly)
Directory : H:\Dev\C++\TestCB\src\
Switching to target: default
rc.exe    -fo..\obj\version.res version.rc
Command execution failed...
--- End code ---

Thanks for the help

Anyway, great work guys !

Ok, I managed to run RC by copying the EXE & it's DLL into VCTK's bin directory.
And GDB doesn't seem to like VCTK's PDBs so it's useless.  :cry:

The path problem is not solved, though, only irrelevant now. :roll:

There was a bug with those paths which got fixed in CVS.
And, no, gdb doesn't work with VC Toolkit...



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