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Since msvc support seems minimal at best at this point. Why not use something else in the meantime. This is by no means putting down codeblocks, but until things get ironed out, why not use something that will work.
The Relo Compiler has support for the toolkit. And someone has gone so far as to create videos for setting up the ide to use msvc 2003 (super simple) as well as getting the irrlicht 3d engine to work as well. It's excellent.

Yeah... I can't get it working. :(

I tried building the supplied Win32 app. It worked on VS6, but not in Code::Blocks. I can't figure it out, I keep getting linker errors for basic windows functions like DispatchMessage and TranslateMessage, although I have linked all the lib folders specified in VS6 [and all the include ones for good measure].

I think this must be a shortcoming in the VC Toolkit, though I couldn't get the MinGW compiler working either.

I'll give the other compiler a try instead.

The Relo IDE has been working flawlessly. :)

No luck with Borland, MS or GNU compilers. :(

Right, Guest... I've been using Relo with VC++ and Irrlicht, and afecelis' video tutorials on setting it up are really excellent. Great stuff, but I'll keep an eye on the Code::Blocks project as well, just to see if the situation improves. ;) Perhaps someone in this community needs to make some video tutorials on setting Code::Blocks up properly. Good luck all!


ps. Keep up the good work Yiannis, don't be downhearted by this mass [?] exodus to Relo. Something tells me we'll be using Code::Blocks in future. ;)


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