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Compile single file. Approve / disapprove?

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--- Quote from: mandrav ---
--- Quote ---Someone correct me otherwise, but I think you can already do that by setting multiple targets.
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No need to correct you. You 're absolutely right :)

--- End quote ---
I hate missing buttons. Darn those graphical IDE's. *goes back to vim* :P

Anyway.. since you can even make targets for one file, one for each single file in a project even, then what's the point of the original question? Except for saving some minor clicking, I don't see it as an improvement, just another button too many.

Maybe some of you know PellesC
a beautiful small but powerful Win32 C-compiler with IDE & Debugger.

Pelle (author of PellesC) has solved this point elegant.

if one wants to compile a source file without prior defining a project, then the IDE prompts,
if one wants to create a default project with the actual source file.
This default settings are good for a typical Hello-world console program,
which is practically good enough for all of that first-time hobby-programmers,
which are learning how to use a compiler, linker, debugger, IDE's and so on, and
still not know the difference of the mentioned tools nor are able to resolve linker errors
nor are able to set up a meaningful project setup with different source and header files.

This keeps the Pelles-C forum
*nearly* free of the typical "cannot compile" spam.


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