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Compile single file. Approve / disapprove?

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Do you think codeblocks should allow to compile a single file (without a project)?

Yes / No / Why? Remember, it's you users who decide! :)

Well, this stuff may be usefull for quick'n'dirty written programs to solve small problems
However it's not necessary as c::b allow project with one file in it :)
Moreover rare program has only one source file

I don't really need it, as I rarely need to compile a single file, and if I ever do I can always use my always-open command prompt.

So I wouldn't mind if you add it, but no rush ;).

David Perfors:
It is not needed for me, mingw only compiles modified c/cpp files. It is nice to have it when you only change 1 .h file :)

--- Quote from: fvbommel ---but no rush ;).
--- End quote ---

Although this is covered by editors like SCiTE, I guess it's a nice feature, especially for newbies in programming who mostly deal with single files when they start programming in C.


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