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Plugin Users/Developers Read This!
« on: September 03, 2009, 01:21:45 pm »
General information:
There are generally three types of plugins:
1.) Core plugins - developed and maintained by the core C::B team.
2.) Contrib plugins - developed and maintained by the community and proven to be very valuable. So they are integrated into the C::B SVN.
3.) 3rd party plugins - developed and maintained by the community but not (yet?) in the C::B repository. Theses plugins often have their own repository or are being posted (including the source code) in the forums.

If you are looking for plugins:
1.) Look in the official release. Notice that the installer / package manager might require you to enable some of the plugins specifically. So READ carefully.
2.) Search the forums for announcements, especially this board:,14.0.html
3.) There might be information on the WiKi concerning other plugins here:
and here:

If you are developing plugins:
Surely you can work with plugin as you like, but here are some suggestions:
1.1) Announce them in this board - including the (initial) source code
1.2) Setup your own webpage (or use a file sharing platform) and post the link to the sources/binaries/svn access here in this board.
1.3) Setup a repository, probably at BerliOS or SourceForge, post the link to the sources/binaries/svn access here in this board. Notice: This is very convenient as attachments in our board might be deleted from time to time. So it is not safe to post source code here.
2.) Enter the plugins description here:
3.) Announce the pugin here:
...using this template:

If you only want to modify a plugin based on a nightly but are too lazy / unable to compile wxWidgets and/or Code::Clocks core yourself, here is a HowTo:

If you have questions -> ask in this board.
I'll try to update this post if needed.
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