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UPDATE here:,1358.0.html


I was reading that a SDK documentation is needed, and I can't help writting one as I don't know how the plugin system works.

But I noticed that the commentaries in the code of Code::Blocks are more or less doxygen friendly. So I've made (at least as a proof of concept) a reference manual of the SDK using DoxyS (a doxygen spin-off).

It needs a lot of improvement, but I think that is on the good way.
The more things that it needs, are examples and hand-written text (more like a book rather than a reference). I'm worried that I can't help with that (rickg22? :D )
It also have some bugs, but as DoxyS is in active development isn't such a problem.

See build_docs/README.txt inside ""

Hope you like it.

HTML manual:

CHM manual:

How I built that:

Please reply, else I feel useless here. :(

well done, thanks !

Thanks! However I bet many windows users (i.e. moi)  would also like those CHM's in ZIP format. (You're a linux user, right? ;-) )

haha, no, I'm a windows user, but I thought the opossite,
as it's more easy to open a tar.bz2 in windows than opening a zip or rar in linux.
ie. Winrar or 7-zip decompress tar.bz2 files easily.

Anyways the other reason is space, compare yourself the size of the html version in the bzipped ver. vs. a zipped ver.
-HTML manual zip'ed: 6.60 MB (Winrar doesn't let me choose "solid archive" for zip)
-HTML manual bzip2'ed: 1.02 MB
-HTML manual 7zip'ed: 839 KB (but isn't very standard yet)

Also I thought that the .tar.bz2 was THE standard in all opensource projects.

Ok, enough talking, here it's the CHM manual in ZIP format:

Anyways, if do you like it, please see the section "Current bugs" in README.txt
(Yiannis or rickg22 read it please and tell me what do you think about that).


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