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Multiple projects, Targets and Virtual targets.
« on: October 02, 2006, 04:17:07 am »
Here is a scenario:

You have a project of static library and I have some test files (source that tests the library). At the begining I was making 1 project for each new test, but the number of tests starting becoming big. So I decided to merge all this tests under one project and make targets for each test.
The problem is that the library has only "Debug" and "Release" targets, which caused me trouble when I tried to compile the e.g. "test1" target of test project. I was getting something like:
-------------- Build: "no target" in library_project ---------------
library_project doesn't have a target named "test1"...
Build aborted.
I then tried to add some virtual targets at the library project which had the same name as the test targets and alias them with the "Debug" target of library, but I am getting the same error again!. I swiched (active project) to library project and compiles just fine by selecting the virtual targets. But if I switch at the tests projects and select the same target as before, the library project will fail with an error (target doesn't exist!).

Q1. Virtual targets cannot be resolved when calculating dependencies? Bug? Unimplemented? Am I doing something wrong?
Q2. For my story, should I follow a more appropriate workspace setup which I am not aware of?

Tell me a bug and I 'll tell you two  :twisted: