Author Topic: Masking the private methods from classes?  (Read 8307 times)

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Masking the private methods from classes?
« on: May 31, 2005, 01:13:11 am »
Guys, I was compiling CB the other day when I realized that everytime I wanted to add a new event handling method to C::B, the *WHOLE* SDK had to be recompiled. AND the plugins. :x

So I thought about this: What if we subclass say, EditorManager (as an example) this way:

class EditorManager:public wxEvtHandler
  (no private stuff here)

And in the .cpp file:

class myEditorManager:public EditorManager
   (insert your event handling methods here)

This way, we could tamper with it and add/remove private methods as we please, without having to recompile dependent files! :D (This would also bring stability to 3rd-party plugins, since they wouldn't have to be recompiled everytime we make an internal change in the SDK).

Pros/cons, everyone? Or is there an easier way?