Author Topic: Help with dll archives (wxmsw26u_gcc_cb_wx2.6.3p2.7z & mingwm10.7z)  (Read 3760 times)


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I've been directed to Code::Blocks as a powerful yet easy to use DE. Following the installation instructions for installing nightly builds, I downloaded the 23Sep06 nightly build along with 3 other archives:
  • wxmsw26_gcc_cb_wx2.6.3p2.7z
  • wxmsw26u_gcc_cb_wx2.6.3p2.7z
  • mingwm10.7z

As for the first two, I assumed the one to use was the unicode one, since this was requested of me during code::blocks' installation.

The most impeding problem, though, is that neither of these 3 archives are extractable on my computer. I am running winXP Pro w/ SP2.

I have tried extracting them using winrar v.361. It says that files are not in a correct format or are damaged.
I have also tried 7-zip v.442, but I get that "... .7z" is not a supported archive.
And I do not suspect this to be a problem with the archiving tools, since I did not get this problem while unarchiving the nightly build itself.t

Any ideas?

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Re: Help with dll archives (wxmsw26u_gcc_cb_wx2.6.3p2.7z & mingwm10.7z)
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2006, 10:09:03 am »
Have you tried running 7z from the commandline?
7za e wxmsw26u_gcc_cb_wx2.6.3p2.7z

If that doesn't do, your download is probably corrupted.
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