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Split Windows Bug
« on: September 24, 2006, 10:41:08 pm »
Hi guys,

I'll repost this report here, as the original one is getting swept away by new nightlies (And it probably was the wrong place to report it anyways :P ):
(quoted from the 19.9. nightly thread)

Hi guys,

I also switched from Dev-C++ (actually wxDev-C++) recently. Although it took me some time to set things up (doing static builds with wx-2.7) now everything runs to my satisfaction :D

I noticed some bugs with splitted windows though, the second (splitted of) view seems to be the step-child :)
  • If I click on the left margin (to fold, set breakpoints) the event is processed in the first view (vertical split: something else folds there, horizontal split: the click scrolls the first view up and down, it seems to 'hit' the scroll bar).
  • All the navigational features (Symbol list, function dropdown) of CB only act on the first view, not the one that has the focus as I expect.
The second might be considiered a missing feature, but the first is certainly a bug.

PS: Using CB on windows, this nightly.

Here is what Pecan added to the issue:

Item 1 is also true of "search in files " results. Event if the second window has the focus, clicked items show in the non-focused window.