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Directories for object files

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Seeing .deps directories for project tree, I thought why not same solution
for object files ? Ex. if project has two configuration: release and debug,
then create .release and .debug directories, and use them.

ps. Thanks for CodeBlocks. I'm using it daily.

Hakki Dogusan

Hi Yiannis,

I agree with the following post, except to me this is crucial. Controlling where output files goes is much needed, having .c and .o files is the same folder is messy. Eclipse/CDT apparantly cannot do this. MinGW Developer Studio do do this. MinGW Developer Studio is (was) great, with this little extra feature plus the Linux port CodeBlocks becomes greater still, bound to have a huge impact! This is a very very important project you've started, good luck. I really need this IDE!


PS:cpp/wx is much better than Java/Eclipse/CDT, way beyond

I am trying to add it in before the next version, i.e. any day now ;)


>I am trying to add it in
Great! Thanks.

>>having .c and .o files is the same folder is messy
I don't understand why the *nix people put up with this.

>MinGW GNU GCC...the same plugin can use the free(!) Microsoft
>Visual C++ Toolkit 2003 just as easily.
Ultra-cool! Openness - flexibility - freedom of choice!

Troels, Denmark


(subject could be "You can't make everybody happy!" ;-))

(using cvs version of CodeBlocks)

This .objs directory solution is better than none...

- But if you have to use a source/header file in a directory which you don't
have write rights ?

- It does not solve common debug/release configuration problem
  -requires rebuild every time ?-

Thanks for listening, and hard work!

Hakki Dogusan


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