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small suggestions on general behavior of shortcuts
« on: August 18, 2006, 04:27:08 pm »
i've just tried CB and, as i like it, i think i'll stick to it! good work!

i have some observations, related to shortcuts and selections.
these are minor observations, however the possibility of having always the functions "on the tip of the finger" it's useful for a programmer :-)

1. right clicking on project (and other elements) opens popup, but menu key doesn't, i think it would be useful to implement as it's implemented im many keyboards (at least, i suppose)
2. it's not possible to rename files directly on the corresponding project element (actually it seems like i have to manually rename that directly in the file system: under properties it's not possible), also, if i rename an element in the file system, CB regonizes it and ask me to remove it from the project, but removes the reference only from the "open files list" and not from the project
3. about shortcuts; seems like CB support shortcuts only for menu entries. if "dynamic" shortcuts aren't/won't be implemented (aka functional when a specific element is highlighted), i think some of the most commeon should be implemented, like: rename=F2, Alt+Enter for properties, del for deletion: all of these are common in windows (in fact, they're implemented this way in eclipse also).
4. I think "Enter" could be used more often as a default for "OK" in dialogs.

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