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Pathnames -Forward slash / backslash \ arm-elf file format
« on: August 08, 2006, 01:58:14 pm »
Hi All,

I am slowly getting code blocks build sorted on my machine, but have not managed to build the debugger plug in yet, so I can't alter this myself yet.

But I have a suggestion;

Codeblocks does not allow a '/' in pathnames of project compiler options, on the Windows version. This is OK, but GDB (mingw32/cygwin) seems to want '/' when passing pathnames of files when setting breakpoints. So consider the following:

When codeblocks builds my src\main.c, "src\main.c" gets passed to the linker. This is the pathname that gets put in the .elf file. What happens then is GDB (arm-elf) tries to set a breakpoint at c:/projects/src/main.c (full pathname), so the debugger fails to set the breakpoint. If you use an external debugger like insight, it also fails.

So you have to put a breakpoint manually:

b src/main.c:32

for example. Which works cool, program execution stops on that breakpoint.

Could codeblocks have an option where full pathnames are passed to the command line at the build stage?
I have looked in the advanced compiler options and can't see how to do this.

Any ideas?