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Byo (for those of you who don't know him, he 's the wxSmith author) will be stopping development on the old wxSmith code. He will focus instead on the new wxSmith he 's been preparing.

What this means is that we won't see wxSmith updates for a while, until the new wxSmith code gets stable.

According to byo (but my own experience with wxSmith too), wxSmith for windows is in a stable state. Meaning there are some bugs, but it's mostly stable for working with.
The linux version is not stable. It can crash out of nowhere and has known bugs.

So, instead of working on old code (that's hard to maintain), byo will be working on the new code which, according to him, is a pleasure to work with.

Please be patient for the time needed until the new wxSmith is released.

For the Code::Blocks Team,

Yay, hopefully the new wxSmith will be better (something like DialogBlocks maybe  :D, J/K)

Hi folks,

I have a small question about new and old wxSmith. I have already looked around this forum for an answer, but maybe it is easier to ask here.

Which of the two wxSmiths are in the nightly build?

When was/will the switch to new wxSmith be made?


the old one is in the nightly build.

So I need to compile Code:Blocks myself for trying out the new wxSmith?


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