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AMD CodeAnalyst and Symbols


I am trying to use AMD CodeAnalyst to profile one of the Orge Tutorial examples, and I can't seem to get it recognize any of the symbols.  I am not using strip.exe to remove extra stuff (the file is about 4.3MB bigger without it) and I have the "Produce debugging symbols" checked.  But not matter what I do when I open the exe in CodeAnalyst it doesn't show any symbols.

Does anyone have any experience with this? Am I doing something wrong?

I can't find more info about CodeAnalyst in AMD's site to check out supported debug symbols formats, thus try to play with debug symbols format specifiers described and starting with -g.

PS. I personally use -ggdb to debug c++ with gdb, as with default -g gdb just crashes. You seems need to use -gstabs or -gdwarf-2, however -g[x]coff may be reasonable, too.

Thanke for the help, but now I have a stupid question: where do i set those compiler flags? It doesn't seem to work if I go to myproject->Build Option->Compiler Options->More Options/Compiler Defininitions.

myproject->Build Option->Compiler Options->More Options works fine for me. As I mentioned earlier I have -ggdb there.
What do you mean under "doesn't seem to work"? If it not displaying in log, then go to Settings->Compiler->Other and select in "Compiler logging" "Full command line"

I do not known what type of debugging symbols CA expects. You have to read the manual, or something similiar, if included with CA at all, to figure out required format.
Second option is to bruteforce through all possisble formats, supported by gcc.

PS. I guess there is no problems with MSVCTK, and CA expects debugging info in former's format.


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