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[solved] Ogre project fails to compile on WinXP with MingW


Hi everybody,

i'm lerning Ogre engine atm. In Code::Blocks i have had some problems with it.
After spending some time reading the Ogre Wiki i realized that the Ogre templat in code::blocks seems to be incorrect
(i dindn't even get the exaple code compiled).

So i modified the wizzard script a bit (as described in the Ogre Wiki) and now it works for the release target (the debug one gets compiled without errors, but crashes on start).
Maybe i'll get that fixed, too.

The modified script can be found here.


PS: i hope i'm right in this subsection?!
PPS: Admin, the Forum says somthing like "the uploadfolder is full" ...


--- Quote from: freakazoid on July 25, 2006, 08:26:41 pm ---So i modified the wizzard script a bit [...]

--- End quote ---
I've adopted the script acccordingly in SVN. It should work now with recent OGRE SDK's (I've used the OGRE SDK for C::B, version 1.2.1 to verify). Thanks!
With regards, Morten.

also make shure your NOT using RC2 as OGRE will absolutly not work with RC2 you have to use a nightly build of code::blocks

hope that helps

debug crashing on startup : do you have the DirectX 9.0c Feb 2006 SDK installed (the 300 meg SDK not the runtimes) ? debug requires them


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