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wxWidgets 2.4.2 (MSW, GCC) installation instructions

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Finally I made a step-by-step tutorial on installing and configuring wxWidgets 2.4.2 under Microsoft Windows (TM).


Great stuff Rick :)
I just added a note that MSYS is not actually required... It works just the same without it ;)


Um, then my setup's the one not working :(  So how can I compile wxWidgets WITHOUT msys?

But, you 're using nothing MSYS-specific. Just 'cd' and 'mingw32-make'. Did I miss something? I read it very carefully.
And I don't have MSYS installed here...


I manage to compile codeblock but get a few warnings . And when I try to run it , the normal windows error message pop "codeblocks.exe is causing error .. "

However , I do not follow exactly the steps in wiki , in fact I am testing the options 2 .
I plan to reinstall MSYS , MingW and wxwidgets-2.4.2 , and build again .

Just have a question , if I compile the wxwidgets with UNICODE=1 , will there be any problem ? because I may want to build Unicode application with the wxwidgets.

Thanks for all the guidance , if I manage to compile successfully with the options 2 , I shall add in the wiki later.


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