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Howto - Cross Compiling in Linux using MingW32

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--- Quote from: Michael on June 16, 2006, 03:42:32 pm ---Hello,

Interesting really :). Good job.

Anyway, there was also my lost post... :)

Best wishes,

--- End quote ---

Yea, I want to say thank you to you as well Michael for the links. When I was originally trying to figure out how to do this they provided a couple of clues.


--- Quote from: MortenMacFly on June 16, 2006, 11:20:18 am ---Well, I'd say this should definitely go into the WiKi. Great article!
If there are no objections, visualphoenix: Would you do that?
With regards, Morten.

--- End quote ---

Hey Morten, Thanks for the comment! I was thinking of adding it to the wiki rightoff under Cross_Compiling but I figured I'd test the waters here to find out how it was recieved. I'll go ahead and add it. Once again thanks to all the dev's for such a kickin' IDE.


--- Quote from: killerbot on June 16, 2006, 10:49:42 am ---
--- Quote ---  __WIN95__
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Is this needed for every windows version (say win XP sp2) ??

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Possibly although YMMV. I will need more time to look into this.

well, i created also a howto for Cross Compiling. I did not know that this howto exists and maybe we could bring together what belongs togehter. it is not that detailed like yours, but there are some pictures we could use.

I also planed, are let me better say thougt about to start with a Cross Compiler plugin for C::B. The idea is to make a tool wich would setup some Paths, and vars in the Compiler and Debugger Tab, and also could download precompiled developer libs like SDL, ncurses ... to use them with the Cross Compiler. Then everybody who wants create Win executable under Linux would have an easier way.
Let me know if there are interesstes for such a plugin.  Atm i have exams so  i would start in some weeks, and maybe somone else would/could help me a litle bit with that thing.
bye bye, and thank you for C::B


--- Quote from: visualphoenix on June 16, 2006, 01:52:25 am ---Step 14:

When I reached this step, compiled and tried to run my application I realized that for some reason codeblocks was trying to execute my .exe through /usr/bin/wine-auto (which I do not have)... So I created a simlink to wine:

--- Code: ---# sudo ln -s /usr/bin/wine /usr/bin/wine-auto

--- End code ---

Step 15:

Hit F9 in codeblocks and the hello world application runs!! YAY!

Set a breakpoint on line 5 and hit F8 and the application breaks in the debugger!! Woot!

Now you can successfully compile, execute, and debug windows applications in linux using codeblocks!!!

While this worked perfectly for me on my set up please try this yourself and let me know if I can update this howto in any way.

A special thanks to all the codeblocks developers... Code::Blocks is the most awesome IDE for linux I've ever used.

*Update: Added note about libraries

--- End quote ---

When pressing F9 I can't debug the program, I got this error:

--- Code: ---run-detectors: unable to find an interpreter for /home...../hello.exe
--- End code ---

I think this is the reason:

--- Code: ---Settings->Environment->General settings->Terminal to launch console: xterm -T $TITLE -e
--- End code ---

But I don't know how to make the debugger work.


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