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Takeshi Miya's feature request list


Hi, first thanks mandrav and rickg22 for one of the best and most promising IDE!

Here are some of my ideas and feature requests:

1. Customizable shortcuts (key bindings)
I think that the code of Keybinder can help a lot.

2. Documentation: Guide about compiling wx
A very detailed step by step about compiling and using wxWidgets 2.6 and other libs as an example (like SDL+OpenGL).

3. Bakefile/Cmake generation plugin
It would be really amazing, but it wouldn't be trivial to do, right?
This would make CodeBlocks the first IDE that generates a portable makefile.

4. Change the behaviour of the click at the breakpoint margin (the one that is at the left of the folding margin)
The intuitive behaviour would be to select the line (instead of toggle a breakpoint), as Visual C or Word do, because most of the time you edit the code rather than toggling breakpoints.
And then, for toggling breakpoints, you can middle clic or ctrl+left clic for example.

Also I'm not sure if two margin bar (for selecting text/toggling breakpoint, and for folding) is needed.
Maybe the two margin bars can be merged in one (doing so in a smart way).

5. A lot of work on the CodeCompletion and IntelliSense plugin
This is the one of the features that needs more polishing, and it's the more appealing to new users.
I think that if all (or most of) functionality and behaviour of Visual Assist X is cloned, no one would need ever the Visual Studio IDEs.

6. A RAD for wxWidgets inside CodeBlocks
One of the best wxWidgets RADs right now (IMHO) is DialogBlocks, so I think that we have 2 great options
-Ask Julian Smart about making a plugin of DialogBlocks for CodeBlocks, or better yet, convince Julian to distribute by default the combo of CodeBlocks+DialogBlocks plugin (the best combo for replacing VC+MFC).
-Ask Julian to donate most of the DialogBlocks code.
He already has done that for another IDE (CodeDragon - wxStudio), but that project isn't maintained anymore.

Anyways the first step and most easy would be to ask Julian to make DialogBlocks generate CodeBlocks projects (currently DialogBlocks generates Visual C projects, makefiles, etc a very handy feature)

7. Preferences a la Firefox
Using wxTreeMultiCtrl. It would be cool, but isn't the most urgent feature.

The SourceForge feature requests:

For me the most important feature is the 5th IntelliSense.

What do you think about these ideas?

I want CodeBlocks to be the best IDE! (if itsn't already), when I have the sufficient knowledge, I like to contribute to the project, but now you can ask me to help in the easy things.

UPDATE: 6. A RAD for wxWidgets inside CodeBlocks

First of all, upCase, keep your good work =)

I've talked to Julian about making it a plugin of DialogBlocks or generate projects and he replied:

--- Quote ---Hi,

Thanks for the suggestions! I'll give them some thought.
Making DB into a plugin is non-trivial, and potentially
a distraction from my rather long to-do list, but generating
a CB project should be more do-able.


--- End quote ---


I hope that these features get discussed by all.

"2. Documentation: Guide about compiling wx and other libs" for example can be done by someone that have experience with the dificulties dealing when compiling libs like wxWidgets, SDL, GTK, etc.  
Explaining the use of those when using shared or static libraries, using it in a project, etc.

Perhaps putting that guide in Code::Blocks WiKi would be of great help.

I want to hear some feedback =)

4. Change the behaviour of the click at the breakpoint margin
How it looks screenshot:

Sorry for my paint =P


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