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I Think that every devolpment sight so have list of tools they would recomend and I would like to see what other are useing to see if they have any thing better.  Some of these took hours 2 find exsited.

Here are a few programs i like.

wxGlade -----(XRC  editor).

CoLinux ------(A free linux emulator for windows)
very hard to setup and limitted but good for debuging linux programes in windows.(I hope to be able to set this up on my cumputer so i can debug codeblock for linux).
This is the best emulator i found and spent many hours looking at them.

Tortisecvs ----(A visual CVS client).  I gussing we all know about that.

WinMerge ----(a tool for merging sourcecode and creating dif)  I did not know about this one untill i read the codeblocks forms.

How about you have anything to add?

Oh it's great, I never managed to get working coLinux with Xfree86 or VNC (using Knoppix Japanese Ed.)
You did any trick to make that happen?

Anyways, here are the tools I remember now:

wxChecksums: A MD5 and SFV crossplatform creator/verifier.

UltraVNC/TightVNC: So if you have a LAN you can use multiple OS to compile (or whatever) without having to emulate them.

NoteXPad: My favourite text editor made in Win32 ASM, much faster than Notepad or any other text editor I ever used.

wxDelta1: A GUI made by me =) to apply or create binary diff (delta) files, using Xdelta. The original console app is at

DialogBlocks: For me, currently the best RAD & XRC editor for wxWidgets (hope that upCase can change that =)

Sysinternals: Most of all tools from Sysinternals, if you are using Windows, they are a must.

Visual Assist X: Best codecompletion plugin I know, the problem: it's only for MS Visual Studio.

Bakefile or CMake: To forget about automake and friends.

As for the C/C++ multiplatform libs that I find the best:

wxWidgets (GUI)
wxWidgets (for console also: wxBase)
STLport (one of the best implememtations of STL, but it's recommended that you compile against various STLs so you can ensure that your STL code doesn't make troubles)
SDL (multimedia, 2D & 3D)
OpenAL (audio)
OpenGL (3D)

And now I'm searching a C++ XML parser that supports Unicode, more or less lightweight, and easy to use, any sugestion?

Yes i got colinux runnig with vnc buy following there instruct on there wiki
It is verry good and you have to follow it carfully.  I start With derbia image they had and then switch to gentoo.  I love Gentoo.  It in my oppion is the best of linux distabution.  To bad its a met distrubution.

Yes, I have Gentoo x64 on the other partition, but I would preffer to have both systems running at the same time, it's just a pain to reboot only to see if it works. I also have vmware but I don't like the fact it's somewhat slow.

I'll try coLinux again.
I also have high hopes for the XEN Linux project. Running various operating systems on the same ring is amazing. I've not tried yet, anyways:

what you want is possible with colinux it can use the linux partion on your hardrive read wiki.  But i won't lie colinux dose not emulate any sound card dievece or much of any other devices becuase they are afraid of slow down issue but you can get them work with your comput tho the use of the network card they do emulate.  I also have high hope for xen.  But they say in the faq that window is not support at the moment where colinux is.


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