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cannot run cvtres.exe

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Hi all!

I'm just tried code::blocks with VC toolkit 2003 and I love it :)
I have a question:

I try to make a GUI with dialogbox[/i] API and I don't know how to compile the resource.rc... I got this error about cannot run cvtres.exe

I try put the file in the same cl.exe and nothing.... any ideas?


Up to beta7 there is not much more you can do except for one of these two things:

1) copy cvtres.exe in VCToolkit's bin folder, or
2) add PlatformSDK's bin folder in your PATH env variable...

The next release will not have this problem, though ;)


Cool Thanks :)

I should register... congrats for a cool IDE ;)

Sorry, for the quick post... I didn't see the edit button :(

Where can I find the sdk for the plugins?

On the downloads section. There's the SDK. But if you're interested in programming for codeblocks, I strongly suggest installing tortoiseCVS on your machine and downloading the full sourcecode from CVS. That way you'll have the latest advances.


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