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Linux beta testers wanted

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Im trying to use C::B on gentoo for a long time now, so I could help if anyone could tell me the procedure ? :) I apply the patches and reply if they work ? :) anything more apart from that and bugreports ?

For those of you using Gentoo, you can get my codeblocks-svn ebuild from

Set it up in a portage overlay and you can just use "emerge codeblocks-svn" to attempt a compile of the latest svn version.  Also means you get your normal CXXFLAGS applied and can use emerge -C to get rid of it.

I didn't read the whole thread because I'm so interested in developing on Linux, but are you keeping the Linux makefile up to date? As long as it shouldn't take much time I can test it on Solaris at work, and here on my OSX.

Oh the OSX is my roommate's, I'd be appalled if someone thought I would actually endorse such a product.  :lol:

Der Meister:
Yes, the makefile is kept up to date. And if not (maybe because it simply was forgotten) then you will notice it as soon as you try to compile a new version. ;) But then you can either complain about that or (probably the better way) provide a patch for it.

I do not able to compile the SVN version on my Ubuntu , it stop at the wxScintilla target and says undefine reference of wxScintilla::FindText(.....)  ..

I try at 2 machines , it gives the same error
anything hints ?


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