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Question on Code::blocks design

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try instead to make cbEditor wxNotebook compatible... that's the hardest part. Also, the MessageManager isn't a dynamic class (as declared in the wxwidgets manual), it doesn't include the IMPLEMENT_DYNAMIC_CLASS() and DECLARE_DYNAMIC_CLASS() stuff. That's the only thing you need to make it xrc compatible.

But there's something important. MessageManager is a fundamental part of the app, so making it dependant on XRC is a bad idea, IMO. If you want to make everything XRC compliant, you'd have to split the MessageManager class into some "hidden" class and the visual (XRC) part.

Of course, that'd have to be done with the program manager and editor manager.... i simply think the current C::B infrastructure isn't XRC ready yet.


--- Quote ---AFAIK there's no wxLayoutManager, instead we have wxSashLayoutWindow's.
--- End quote ---

This is true. I was experimenting with wxDockIt at the time, which has a wxLayoutManager  :oops:
Sorry for the wrong info.


Please forgive me if i say something stupid i have a hard time following you are a bit over my head.  But my desing i don't think it to big of a worry.  I was going to make a setNotebook method for message maneger,  program manager , and  editor manager and make so you can create componets buy xrc or  text.  I played around with this all day sunday and saturday and think i got most of it converted.  My main problem as of now is gitting mainframe to show the xrc componets.  I got must other stufff working I think I can't see them so i can tell.  But it compiles and run with no error when i rem out createToolbar for some reson it cuase it to crash.  I Am curttly back traceing (download source with out any changes) and trying again to convert it to xrc again.  The reson I rather convert it to xrc  is becuase you got alot of work to switch mainframe over to use sizers(wich as far as i know you have to do in order to add a notebook).  I Rather take this energy and put it toward xrc compatibilty.

Please verify that the XRC setup is done *BEFORE* creating the mainframe. Also Check out the code that uses XRC.

I think i make greate progress on this.  After i coverted class MainFrame to wxframe it show a meesage box that sayes
"zn7maneger3getEp16wxMdiParentFrame Could not be located in dynamic link libbary codeblock.dll"

and then shortly crashes i think it is becuase of this.

I try to figure out were it is getting wxMdiParentFrame I get rid of all mettioning of it in code.  I test to see if i got rid of all mettiong of wxMdiParentFrame with the seach tool.  the only file that had this text was codeblocks.RPT  witch look like and error log.

Any ideas

It would realy spped up the porogress of what i'm doing if you could tell me. thanks


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