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Question on Code::blocks design

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Sorry for my misunderstanding. What i meant to say was:

Did you try *first* to convert to tabbed editing, *BEFORE* converting to XRC?

From tabbed editing to XRC, it's a straightforward step. At least IMHO (just replace the wxsashlayout windows with normal panels using wxsplitterwindows).

And yes, I agree that XRC is the way to go. In fact I think it'd match perfectly with the personalities management Yiannis is working on.

I tryed to do that as much as possible when first started but had problems One was that i cange the name in wxglade of the class feild and cuase an error on xrc load took me a while to track down.  (Dumb me).  Another was an oll dll (dumb me)  and there many others.  I Probbly should try again.  

Here a thought that came to me, i want to try latter what happen when you add a wxframe control to a wxNotebook?  I use wxpannel before on notebooks.  I think it only requiers wxwindow decendent but not sure.      

Here a little more info on my idea inspire buy my brother and mostly his idea for another program i was working on.  

We could have codeblocks load and mange theme wicth are xrc with a possible plugin to mannage the non-stander controls events and other stuff.

I not sure if you can mannage events of mainframe controls outside the Mainfuction thou a dll thou but think you could.

we could have make thing like editormanager have a SetEdtorList(wxTreeCtrl *EditorListCtrl) and SetCustumListCtrl(wxControl *) Methods to do this if it did not work.

mandrav buy the way to answer you question a while back that was

--- Quote ---Did I understand you or not?
--- End quote ---

Only partarly.  Yes I want mainframe TO BE XRC but you don't understand how i plan on implementing it.

mandrav If I get something work would you like it,  Now that I expplain it a little better or do you still think it will cuase problems?  I got to amit i never usesed (wxDockit/wxIFM) so i could be missing some facts

Hay mandrav  I got your note on that was

--- Quote ---
A note to frog-o:
I appreciate all the hard work you 're doing, but I think you 're trying to do too many things at once (notebook, xrc, etc). I believe it would be better to do one thing at a time. For example, work on converting MDI to notebook and when you 're done, send me a patch for it. Then continue with the next thing on your checklist (like xrc for main).
It's easier for you to debug your code this way and for me to review the patch...


--- End quote ---

I must say I agree that i try to do to much at one time but i belive i do a good job at it.  In fact I almost have all my XRC code::blocks working now. I Think i only have few bugs and some minnor issue with your help i sure i can get them fix.  In reallty i not changing much code just makeing it easyer to use with xrc.   The Menu proble has been fix what done me in was the fact i had -1 in the event id custrutor of mainframe with cuase a bunch of errors.  I delete the section :wxframe(wxParent,-1) becuase it no longer needed.     My only problem now that i know of cunsit of what look to be  5 minnor thing

1 the tree contol right click in linux need to be taken care of
2.  todoplugin crash the ide when the EVT_PROJECT_CLOSE is called
3. the code:block hang on close but exit the onApplication close fuction
4.  a .rc can't be found error i think radomly appers on close (i going buy memorry of my errors)
5. i have not test on linux or with the 2.4 wxwidgets sdk i'm useing 2.6

i just replace were it sayes wxtoolbar * my control = new wxtoolbar() stuff with (wxToolBar *)MainFrame->Findwindow("Testtoobar");  I try several time to do it the way you sugeted but it is much easer this way.  
when you replace wxshashwindow you with wxspliter you realy have to redesing tho hole thing in text.  Add chace down a buch of error becuse of that that you don't get with the way i doing it.

Alright. Enough talking. Send me a patch when you 're ready ;)


Not to be a pain mandrav,

But i realy think you sould create an unstable branch of codeblock for my work seperate for the code::block branch.   I don't know what you have agaist it.  Is it hard to create a different branch?

Please note also i starting form scatch today to try to implement it your way (that is Just try to add a notebook first).  I was think about this add i don't think that i need to conver the sash window over right away to splitterwindows wicth would cut down my bug hutting makeing it duable.


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