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Question on Code::blocks design

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Never mind i figure it out it was an old dll plugin i built

We should add that to the FAQ, as in "my codeblock crashes!" and we should add a * Did you happen to make a DLL plugin for it? :lol:

David Perfors:
That is a good idea, because this made me thinking of using the right dll/libs. (I had the same kind of problems for two projects of mine :lol: )

I made progress today.  I can now load codeblock with no error on load and open files and have them apear in notebook insted of mdi and i'm useing xrc.  But and this is sa big but, it has many error,  every time i try something from the menu it does want i want once then jams up.  It also dose not close right.  

This is a question for mandrav......

Would you like me to try to create a patch of my changes and said it to you so you could put it in the the cotribu dir?

I could use help on this if anyone intereseted.

Excuse me frog-o but I can't understand what you 're trying to achieve...
Maybe I got it all wrong and the following don't make any sense, but they 're based on my understanding of what you 're saying.

XRC is used everywhere in C::B, except the MainFrame (which uses XRC for menubar and toolbar). There's a reason for this: the main frame isn't something that I will decide how to structure. It is up to the user to configure it to his/her liking. I don't see what good it would do to use XRC for the main frame...

Also consider the fact that, at some point, a docking windows library is going to be used (wxDockit/wxIFM). I will have to pass this library an empty frame for it to manage. XRC doesn't fit in the picture...

About using notebook instead of MDI: this is a work-in-progress. We 've stated that we will revert to notebook and drop MDI because it's causing us major headaches with wx2.6.0. Besides the fact that MDI is an obsolete technology (and appears as notebook under linux, anyway)...

Did I understand you or not?



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