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Crash Compiling Code::Blocks Windows
« on: May 19, 2006, 06:39:50 pm »
Hey, everybody I'm working with codebloks  for a long
i am updating the source by svn (i have revision 2471)
but i have a very great problem:

I using a old codeblocks for compiling with mingw, all
gone very well but when the project switching to sdk target
and call to autorevision tool it crash, the system give a tone
but autorevision don't stop when i push the button for stoping
the compilation but it don't stop, then i have to do this to the hard way
(killing procces), so i elimined this order (in the project ) to call
autorevision-tool then i put yhe project to run again all is fine
but after a while he crash again tell that i have a problem with
the relocation of the PCH or something like that please tell me what i can do?. :?

PSD: I have wxWidgwts 2.6.2 and the lastest mingw.