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are you talking about the c::b version tht comes with mingw?

I lready have mingw installed and c::b is configured to use that instalation ... I didnt install c::b that comes with a preinstalled version of mingw.

afaik, Packman won't work in my case since mingw dosn't reside in my c::b directory. maybe if I use it from mingw directory it would work.

anyway ... I think i'm getting used to the idea of compiling libs on my own now.

btw, wxwidgets 2.6.0 stable is out ( totally out of subject :) )

Yes, but in the DevPak they used other options to compile it, so it is as far as I'm concerned, useless for C::B compilation. Sadly.  And my windows compiler balks for some reason at the wxWidgets compilation. I'll have to try it again I think

why not make a devpack ourselves?

David Perfors:
be my guest :lol:

Well, what you have to be aware of is that Devpaks have their share of problems. If you want to make a Devpak for a library that uses C++ functionality, you have to make sure your users have the right compiler. GCC breaks ABI (Application Binary Interface - the way in which Class names and inheritances are encoded) quite regularly lately. 32. isn't compatible with the later versions, 3.4 isn't compatible with the former verions, and now the 4.0 isn't compatible with the rest...
Sadly, there is no way (yet) in a DevPak to check what ABI is available on the host.

Moreover, C::B is a multi-compiler environment. So you have to take care that the devpaks can only be installed in GCC, because until now that's the only platform they are available for.

I foresee that there will be quite some enhancements to do.


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