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Header files in resource.rc
« on: April 25, 2006, 10:20:03 pm »
I can't put header files in my resource script (.rc) file. I'm using the visual C++ 2003 compiler.
I get a fatal error RC1015: "cannot open include file Windows.h". But, without Windows.h (or Winuser.h),  I get an error RC2104: "undefined keyword or keyname DS_FIXEDSYS" (the first symbol it comes across.) I can include my own local "Resource.h", so I tried adding <Windows.h> to that instead and got the RC1015 error again.

I can include <Windows.h> in any other file but these two. I just don't know whether this is a Code::Blocks thing, a resource script thing or something stupid I am doing. Or maybe there's some mysterious thing about headers and resource scripts I've yet to learn.

If anyone reads this and knows what the problem is, please do let me know.
Many thanks for any help.