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(edit) My first codeblocks plugin : help file Integration .

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I managed to integrate win32-help in the IDE !
You put the caret on the word, right-click, select Win32help and here we go !
I know this is easy but it makes me happy.

Now, I have to make a nice config windows.
i think it will be more difficult as i'm learning wxwidgets.

sorry for my english.

can you post a sample please ?



Source code and dll are here :

edit : I've just discover wxHelpController

Beware, it's an alpha plugin. use it at your own risk :mrgreen:
no config for the moment, i'm learning wxwidgets and i'm not a good coder.

- Download Win32.hlp ( for example) and put it in the directory where codeblocks.exe is.
- put the dll in the plugins directory

For compil,
- Uncompress files in codeblocks src directory
- project file : winhelp32-plugin.cbp
WX_VER is set to 242.

Sorry for my englih.


I have made an update to my plugin.

I have added a configuration box for 3 help files.
You can use chm or hlp.

Check readme.txt for use/compil.

Does it support the CTRL-F1 shortcut?


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