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I think we need a section for developer can post with out being register not everybody feel cofortible with regerstration?  

I my-self don't like it and hat to keep rembering password for site that i want to cotribute the little help i can offer.  Not have to log in to post is what I like Most abolut this place.  Thank alot.  

Is it do able with the help of cooky give every one a username with out logon or regerstion buy put thing in a preffence page?

ps if it help with funding to register let me know I gladly register to help suport this project dispite the fact i don't like to.

Rick's shadow user:
See, there's the "Post Reply" and "Quote" buttons at the top. When you hit them you can put your username there, and It'll get accepted as long as it doesn't conflict with existing users.

As easy as that :)

Oh, I see what you mean. It doesn't keep guest's usernames in the forums. We'll check it out.


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