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My system hangs when trying to open any file, MDI Bug ?

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--- Quote ---Heh, see no changes in cvs tree. Maybe anonymous acces is cached.
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Yes, it takes 5-6 hrs to become up-to-date...


I sorry About my very first post.  My app is hanging not system.
I'm using wxwidgets 2.6.0(compiled following thew instruction on

I asumed that since i pointed too this you would know I'm using wxwidgets 2.6.0 compiled with mingw.

I'm using the lattest mingw gotten thou dev-cpp package system the (the last i check). I just download the latest from cvs at 1:40 and did a rebuild still did not work. It took a little wile to write this and compile.

The pupouse I oridally wrote this is two figure out what rickg22 meant buy mdi bug and let you know there was a problem with the app compile from cvs,  I did not mean for you to try to solve my problem.  I was hopeing i could do this myself.  Even tho any help would greatly be apperrcated.

Thank to all that help and rickg22 who i seen help a lot on the forms.  You  guy are great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, we're working on the MDI bug. And by "MDI bug" Yiannis meant the weird behavior in open windows.

Let's see how he does with the data i sent him. Still, if your build keeps w/o working you might have to build using wxWidgets 2.4.2. That's the one I use.


--- Quote from: mandrav ---Please do a cvs update and see if it persists. I fixed something related to events, just a little while ago...

--- End quote ---

Sorry for no reply (I've got computerless weekend :) )
Bug with hanging up events has been succesfully removed (although MDI bug still remains, the application is not hanging up, can open new edit windows with no harm).

Thx, Yannis for your fix (I can not work on new wersion of C::B  :D )

Sorry, I haven't been able to test it. Here's a question. The version which crashed, did it also crash whenever you opened a bracket?


change to:

{ <- when pressing csrdown from here, it hanged on me.

Does it work fine now (built with wxwidgets 2.4.2) ?


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